Quad Point Systems Pty Ltd (QPS)

QPS acts as a prime contractor to provide total systems integration for new and existing, commercial and residential buildings ie PC hardware/software support; Network installation/support and Power/Security technologies and services.

Currently, the main focus of QPS is the development of “Life Extension Villages” (LEVs) :

Life Extension Villages

(“ Living better, living longer ”)

The first of these villages will be constructed in Saje Court, Cowra, NSW and is intended to be a model for these villages that will be built all over Australia. The Saje Village will have approximately 12 residential buildings. The residences will be available for rent and long-term lease (buy back) arrangements similar to that which exist for some retirement villages. Although these villages will resemble retirement villages in their operation there are some significant differences. LEVs will: be available to people of any age, including families with sick children who need monitoring but do not need a hospital bed.

The people in these villages will have access to professional advice in many areas that help improve the quality and quantity of life eg diet modification, food supplements, appropriate exercise and medical interventions - eventually including things like gene therapy etc. We intend to run continuous seminars on a wide diversity of topics both on site and via virtual communities ie LEVs on a wide area network or the Internet. We would also like to encourage self-organised, health-related education networking amongst the villagers.

LEVs are wholly owned business of Quad Point Systems Pty Ltd: Life Extension Villages

Environmentally friendly building by: PDSM Pty Ltd

There are other companies involved that will provide various other services.

Contact Information:

E-mail: Philip Rhoades

Mail: PO Box 896 Cowra NSW 2794 Australia